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It’s simple. Immigrants are human. They deserve human rights.

Yet today, more than 12 million people and their families, friends, co-workers, neighbors and fellow citizens are facing some of the most oppressive and brutal anti-immigrant legislative efforts in decades.

In the new America, any person out-of-status AND any individual, social service, school, religious institution or agency that aids them would be criminalized as felons; there would be mass deportations and the building of massive detention facilities; families torn apart; guestworker programs would resurrect the abusive coolie and Braceros programs of the past.

The government is trying to pit U.S. born workers against foreign-born; “legal” vs. “illegal”; and even longer term immigrants against new arrivals.

At the same time, there is growing recognition among our citizenry that the struggles for the rights of immigrants are a necessary part of strengthening our nation in the face of an all-out assault against our civil liberties, protections for workers, family unity, and standards of human rights and decency.

Asian Americans United calls for:

  • Broad paths to legal status for all immigrants;
  • Prioritizing family unity and an end to families being torn apart;
  • Protection for workers through labor law enforcement and an end to employer sanctions; and
  • Enforcement of human rights standards in immigrations.

Demand justice for immigrants. Stand up for the future of immigrants and stand up for the future of America!