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South Philadelphia High School Asian Student Advocates (SASA)

South Philadelphia High School Asian Student Advocates (SASA) is the coalition of community organizations and individuals working to address the rampant anti-Asian/anti-immigrant violence at South Philadelphia High School (SPHS) in the wake of the December 3, 2009 assaults.

Our Goal: To create a safe learning environment for all students at SPHS regardless of their race or national origin.

Organizations include:

  • Asian Americans United (AAU)
  • Boat People SOS (BPSOS)
  • Victim/Witness Services of South Philadelphia (V/WSSP)
  • Cambodian Association of Greater Philadelphia
  • Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF)

What are we seeking?

Community groups and students are seeking institutional solutions to institutional problems. We seek:

  • Public denouncement of anti-Asian and anti-immigrant violence at SPHS and anywhere in the District by the highest levels of School District and City leadership;
  • Administrative change at SPHS, beginning with the immediate removal of Principal LaGreta Brown. The immigrant communities at SPHS must be a participatory party in the search and hiring process for a new principal;
  • Accountability at the regional superintendent’s office. For more than 18 months, the regional superintendent has consistently failed to take seriously the concerns of immigrant communities at SPHS and has been a willing partner in misrepresenting the facts of the case, distancing Asian immigrant communities and families, and seeking retaliation against staff and students;
  • Independent monitoring of District’s response to anti-Asian and anti-immigrant harassment at SPHS specifically as well as District-wide;
  • A clear protocol for addressing incidents of harassment, translated into appropriate languages, with resources for training and monitoring;
  • Compliance with state and federal language access laws;
  • Due process rights for students in disciplinary proceedings including qualified interpretation, translated notices, and full investigation;
  • Hiring of an independent monitor regarding bias incidents in the District, charged with independent investigation and public reporting on bias assaults.