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AAU needs your help for its upcoming events and day-to-day work.

AAU Volunteers

AAU relies on its extensive networks and volunteers to support its work. AAU adult members provide active support to the program. This corps of volunteers includes people with a depth and broad range of expertise.

Younger generation AAU members also participate in program planning and support; they learn about AAU and its work through volunteering. This involvement of adult volunteers ensures that knowledge of AAU’s approach is spread through the organization, safeguarding its continuity.

If you would like to volunteer for an event or for general opportunities, please email us!


Mid-Autumn Festival (MAF) Committee

The MAF Committee meets about six months of the year (April to September). There are monthly meetings with lots of chances for small committee work or hands on coordination. For more information, please read more about the committee or to sign up, contact us at aau @ aaunited.org or call 215.925.1538.