AAU Video Library

"Look Forward and Carry on the Past" by Folkstreams (6/3/2013)

"Restoring Ideals: AAU" by WHYY (6/8/2013)

"City Council Hearing: AAU Testimony of Standardized Testing" by WECaucus (11/19/2014)

“AAU provides Safe Haven for Philly Youth” by Annie E Casey Foundation (12/13/2014)

AAU_CV_2015 Primary GOTV by MetroChinese.com (5/19/2015)

“Here to Stay - Chinatown Art Brigade x Grassroots Asians Rising” by Bonfire Media Collective, Summer 2018

"Mid-Autumn Festival 2018" by Bonfire Media Collective (Fall 2018)

"Chinatown Development" by CYOP (Summer 2017)