Club AAU After School


In 2007, AAU created an after school club at FACTS designed for middle school youth. Students are challenged to learn about community and environmental issues as well as strengthen their leadership skills.

Club AAU continued the work from the 2007 summer program to get the recycling program up and running in FACTS. The Club developed a kit for teachers to use to train FACTS students in how and why to recycle. The kit included:

  • Activities like recycling relay races and a board game recreated from the book “Recycle Every Day” to raise consciousness about recycling;
  • Noisemakers made from recycled materials along with recycling rally chants;
  • Books for teachers to read aloud to students;
  • Instructions to teachers and staff about what can and can’t be recycled in the school’s particular recycling program.

The recycling program was successfully implemented in the 07-08 school year.

Club AAU After School concluded in 2010.