Chinatown Vote

AAU’s Chinatown Vote project, begun in 2014, trains youth and adult volunteers to register new voters from our Asian communities, conduct door knocking and phone banking, and assist non-English proficient voters at polls. Since it began, Chinatown Vote volunteers have supported thousands of new and non-English proficient citizens to get-out-to-vote. In 2016, Chinatown Vote began conducting citizenship screenings and legal clinics with legal service provider-partners to support non-English proficient Chinese-speaking community members to attain financial support (fee waivers available for low-income applicants) and complete all the documents and processes to apply for citizenship. Chinatown Vote sees a growing need for this in-language support for community members to take this needed first step towards greater civic engagement. 

Through the Chinatown Vote project, we strive to reframe voting from a one-day action to a long-term project that involves day-in and day-out engagement with community members about the issues that matter most to them. For support with registering to vote, applying for citizenship, or Census2020 forms please call 215.925.1538 or email