Education Justice

Throughout AAU’s history, we have fought for educational justice – the right to a quality education in a safe environment. Each victory was hard fought and the fight is far from done. We are still organizing for language access for immigrant families in the schools, for safe learning environments free from toxins detrimental to health, and against the demonization of young people and funding for counselors and not more school cops. We fight for our young people to be treated with dignity and respect and to receive the same resourced education as their peers just across the city line. Young people learn in environments where the roof is falling apart, teachers are absent, and for immigrant youth, they have the added hurdle of a language barrier. Yet instead of investing in the services that our youth need the most, support services like bilingual counseling are the first to be cut when the District cries “no money.” We support youth to take leadership in the fight for educational justice. Youth testify before City Council, the School Board, hold rallies and keep the pressure on to fight for what they all deserve – access to an equitable education.