AAU Summer Program

Our AAU Summer Program develops the leadership skills of English-speaking youth over the course of 7 summer weeks and provides 4 weeks of literacy-based multicultural education and community engagement summer programming for children. Youth leaders actively develop their leadership skills by mentoring and teaching 50 younger children ( 2nd to 9th grades). Youth leaders take part in weekly hands-on workshops taught by AAU’s lead staff team on topics such as: multicultural education pedagogy, culturally relevant teaching styles, needs of English language learners, social justice issues and Asian American history. A Community Action Project (CAP) component gives youth and children hands-on opportunities to work towards goals around deeply felt issues in their communities (i.e. neighborhood development and gentrification, language access, environmental sustainability, etc.). Children learn from positive youth role models, multicultural literacy-based interactive curriculum, and opportunities to make real world contributions in their communities.

The past summer’s CAP courses included topics on sustainability, Asian representation in media, and health inequalities in minority groups. Younger children designed working solar ovens and solar powered garden-lights for AAU’s community garden. Older children delved into deep discussions on Asian misrepresentation in the media and healthcare issues faced by minority groups. CAP provided the younger children with an impactful experience of how they can work to improve their own communities. The lessons taught to the older children culminated in final presentations on community health. Youth and campers also engaged in team building games, athletics, and art classes. These activities allow the youth and campers to connect with their physical and artistic sides, which along with CAP help cultivate individual, social, and community awareness.


AAU is always looking for youth to participate in our summer programs! To become a youth leader in the AAU summer program you must be:

  • 14 – 21 years of age and enrolled in high school (not currently matriculated into college)
  • Philadelphia residents 
  • Meet income guidelines
  • Eligible to work in the United States 
  • Registered with the Selective Service, if male and 18 years of age on, or before, August 7, 2021

High school youth will be tasked with: 

  • Helping to create a positive and safe learning experience for elementary school aged children by being prepared, enthusiastic and caring.
  • Engaging children in interactive, cooperative, and empowering activities using multicultural children’s books.
  • Planning and running enrichment electives and sports and games.
  • Acting as positive role models and mentors to children.
  • Working as a team member with the staff to provide general program support needed for the smooth running of the Summer Program.
  • Attending and participating actively in all orientations, training, and meetings.

If you are interested in serving the larger Asian immigrant community, please apply to our program.

Applications for High School youth leaders are now available here. 

✨ PLEASE NOTE (Updated 3/30/2021): Due to concerns with COVID-19, AAU will be working remotely until further notice. Please submit all applications for Summer Program HS Youth via email. If this isn’t possible for you, please email us, and we can try to accommodate on a case-by-case basis.  

Check our social media feeds for the latest updates. If you any questions, please email aau@aaunited.org.


For information on how to apply for your child to attend the 4-week summer program, applications will be available beginning in late March/early April. For more questions, please email aau@aaunited.org or call 215-925-1538.