AAU exists so that people of Asian ancestry in Philadelphia exercise leadership to build their communities and unite to challenge oppression.

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AAU supports youth to become individually, socially, and politically aware; to exercise their voice; and to participate in active struggles for justice.

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AAU fights for time and space to honor, celebrate, and remember so that our communities will have roots, embrace memories and know the power of passing on traditions.

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“Building community strengthens our capacity to fight for justice. When we create a street festival, teach folk arts, grow a community garden, or build a school – we create connections among people, honor the knowledge of the elders in our communities, activate people, and value our own cultures. This work is fundamental to social justice work.”
— Ellen Somekawa

Join SPOC this Friday for a march to demand that David Adelman stop the predatory development of the 76ers arena in Philly's Chinatown! ... See MoreSee Less

💥 #AAPIPAPowerCaucus members have put in months of work. We know what’s on the line for #AAPI communities across PA.

⭐️ Today, we’re counting on YOU to cross the finish line with us to #POWERtheAAPIVote. Polls are open 7AM-8PM.

💪🏼 Let’s get it done, Philly.
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📳 APIAVote runs a national, multilingual voter hotline to ensure everyone in our communities can cast their ballot. #POWERtheAAPIVote

📳 Call 1-888-API-VOTE (1-888-274-8683) with your questions about voting for in-language support!
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📳 Asian Pacific Islander American Vote (APIAVote) runs a national, multilingual voter hotline to ensure everyone in our communities can cast their ballot. Assistance is available in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Urdu, Hindi, and Bengali #POWERtheAAPIVote #aapipapowercaucus

📳 Call 1-888-API-VOTE (1-888-274-8683) with your questions about voting, leave a message, and someone will return your call with in-language support
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🗳 This November 8th, voters across Pennsylvania are voting on:
One US Senator
17 US House Representatives
One PA Governor & Lt. Governor
25 PA State Senators
203 PA State House Representatives
Local government representatives
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Volunteers Needed! Click the link in our bio to learn more! ... See MoreSee Less

⏰ Election Day is just ONE week away! Cast your vote for all those in our communities who are still unable to participate in our democracy, and make sure our diverse needs are represented by our elected officials! #POWERtheAAPIVote
📬 If you’re voting by mail, send your ballots back TODAY.
🗳 If you’re voting in-person, make a plan to get to the polls on November 8th!

#POWERtheAAPIVote #AAPIPAPowerCaucus #WeArePennsylvania
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That's a wrap! Thank you for being a part of AAU's 2022 Mid-Autumn Festival- our first year running fully in-person since the covid-19 pandemic! We are so incredibly thankful to all of the volunteers, performers and supporters who helped us bring this festival to life. We hope that this year's festival was as memorable for you as it was for us and can't wait to see you all at next year's festival! ... See MoreSee Less

小提醒💡: 为了我们记录和确保所有人的安全,在活动之前请填写好报名表、紧急联系人、以及疫苗卡照片
Link: forms.gle/FBDa7xpcZDjdx6if6
Hi everyone! After not meeting all summer, CYOP is starting up again! We are having our first meeting next Friday, 10/7 from 4-5:30 at FACTS School. Please remember to fill out the registration form below and upload your vaccine card as well.
Link: forms.gle/FBDa7xpcZDjdx6if6
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2 months ago

Asian Americans United

The truck is all packed and locked up! We’re ready for the festival tomorrow! #phillymaf2022 #philly #moonfestival #midautumnfestival ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago

Asian Americans United

Are you ready to play some games? Teacher Eric created a new game called “Nine-Headed Bird”. Can you use the magic rope to capture all 9 heads of this beast? Let’s see if you can do it tomorrow! Carnival games open at 12pm. #phillymaf2022 #philly #midautumnfestival #moonfestival ... See MoreSee Less

🚨New merch alert! Get your No Arena in Chinatown t-shirt at #philymaf2022 tomorrow! $10 🚨 ... See MoreSee Less

2 months ago

Asian Americans United

Are y’all ready? Here’s the lineup for our stage performances and speakers for #phillymaf2022 See you all on Saturday! @helengymphl @kyodaiko @cagempowering @lmdancestudiophilly @h4t_official @pennenchord ... See MoreSee Less

What are your plans for this Saturday? #phillymaf2022 #midautumnfestival #MoonFestival #visitphilly #uwishunu #philychinatown ... See MoreSee Less

Learn more about the #apiplatformforpa! When our communities come together, we can fight for what we need and we can win. Learn more about how Asian Pacific Islander communities are fighting for what we need today 12 at 5 PM: fb.me/e/2cyxcbCRp ... See MoreSee Less

Learn more about the #apiplatformforpa! When our communities come together, we can fight for what we need and we can win. Learn more about how Asian Pacific Islander communities are fighting for what we need today 12 at 5 PM: fb.me/e/2cyxcbCRpAsian Americans are proudly showing everyone their vision for the future of Asian Pacific Islander communities and a Pennsylvania that takes care of all of us. Learn more by attending the Facebook Live on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 5, AT 5PM! Go to: fb.me/e/2cyxcbCRp ... See MoreSee Less

3 months ago

Asian Americans United

AAU wishes you and your family a happy Mid-Autumn Festival! We’ll see you next week to celebrate! #phillymaf2022 #moonfestival #midautumnfestival #philly #visitphilly #uwishunu ... See MoreSee Less

Through the past couple of years Chinatown land has been taken away by the government and developed into the Vine Street Expressway in the north, the Fashion District in the south, the Broad Ridge Spur and Chinatown train station in the east, and the Convention Center in the west. Chinatown is small and will grow smaller if we don’t take advantage of the 800 Vine St Project. What is the 800 Vine St Project? 800 Vine St is currently a private parking lot owned by Philadelphia’s City Council but is being considered for a development project that would turn it into land that would benefit the community. We collected almost 700 surveys consisting of Chinatown residents and those who frequent the neighborhood for groceries, hangout, work or more. Here’s what our community members have to say:

“Even though I know it's not realistic, I hope to see the place I've lived in for 7 years, Philadelphia's Chinatown, the Chinatown streets I've strolled, the Chinatown I depend on, to break the mellow constancy and to revitalize the Chinatown community”

“Oftentimes there's no place to go eat after you buy food and there's no place to hangout after you finish eating/drinking. It's also hard to find a bathroom without having to spend money at the place first.”.

To these concerns, our survey results concluded that 800 Vine St should be developed into:
Green space
Recreational center
Community center

在过去的几年里,唐人街的土地被政府拿收走,并发展成为北部的万安街 (Vine St) 高速公路,南部Fashion District的商场,东部的Broad Ridge Spur和唐人街地铁站,以及西部的会议中心(Convention Center)。唐人街很小,如果我们再不利用800号万安街 (Vine St )项目,它只会变得越来越小。什么是800号万安街(Vine St)项目?800号万安街(Vine St)目前是费城市议会所掌握的私人停车场,但正在考虑进行一个开发项目,将其变成有利于社区的土地。我们收集了近700项调查问卷,包括唐人街居民和那些经常在附近买菜,聚会,工作或来办其他事情的人。以下是我们社区成员的想法:



对于这些担忧,我们的采访结果显示社区人员希望800号万安街(800 Vine St)被发展成:

Graphic: CYOP Summer 2022 Cohort
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3 months ago

Asian Americans United

AAU is looking for volunteers to help us with inventory day for our Mid-Autumn Festival on Wednesday, Aug. 24th @ 3pm. Help us bring out all of our MAF supplies, count & test them. You may even get to have an exclusive sneak peek of a new hand crafted carnival game by T. Eric! If you’re free, email us at maf@aaunited.org to RSVP. #phillymaf2022 #volunteer ... See MoreSee Less

아시아 태평양계에 가장 중요한 문제가 무엇인지 알아보기 위해 15개 언어로 펜실베이니아 전체에 이야기를 나누었으며, 드디어 오늘 펜실베이니아의 API 플랫폼을 여러분과 공유할 수 있게 되어 매우 기쁩니다. 펜실베이니아의 API 플랫폼은 주의 첫 풀뿌리 플랫폼으로서 아시아 태평양계의 일상에 가장 영향을 미치는 문제들을 반영합니다.

펜실베이니아의 API 플랫폼을 통해 정치 후보, 언론, 그리고 세상에 우리 커뮤니티가 활동적이고 다양성을 추구하며 더 건강하고 번창하기 위해 무엇이 필요한지 알고 있다는 것을 보여주기를 바랍니다. 우리의 목소리를 내어주세요. 자세한 내용은 [링크 삽입]'을 참조하십시오. www.apiplatform4pa.org
Chúng tôi đã nói chuyện với người API (Châu Á và Thái Bình Dương) trên khắp Pennsylvania bằng 15 ngôn ngữ khác nhau để tìm ra điều gì quan trọng nhất đối với họ. Hôm nay, chúng tôi rất vui được chia sẻ với bạn API Platform for PA. Đây là nền tảng đầu tiên thuộc loại này: một nền tảng toàn tiểu bang hiển thị các vấn đề ảnh hưởng nhiều nhất đến cuộc sống hàng ngày của mọi người API. Chúng tôi hy vọng API Platform for PA cho các ứng cử viên chính trị, giới truyền thông và thế giới thấy những gì chúng tôi luôn biết: các cộng đồng sôi động và đa dạng của chúng tôi biết các giải pháp sẽ giúp giữ cho cộng đồng của chúng tôi khỏe mạnh và phát triển. Hãy lắng nghe họ. Để tìm hiểu thêm, hãy truy cập www.apiplatform4pa.org.

#apiplatformforpa #AAPIs #API #asian #asianamerican #pacificislander #PA #pennsylvania
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We talked to Asian Pacific Islanders all throughout Pennsylvania in 15 different languages to find out what matters most to them and today we are excited to share with you the API Platform for PA, a first of its kind statewide, grassroots platform that reflects the issues most impacting APIs’ everyday lives. We hope the API Platform for PA shows political candidates, the media, and the world what we’ve always known: our vibrant and diverse communities know the solutions that will help keep our communities healthy and thriving. Let’s hear them out. To learn more, visit www.apiplatform4pa.org.

#APIPlatformForPA #AAPIs #API #Asian #AsianAmerican #PacificIslander #PA #Pennsylvania

我们用 了15 种不同的语言与整个宾夕法尼亚州的亚裔美国人和太平洋岛民(API)进行了交谈,以找出对他们最重要的事情,今天我们很高兴与您分享宾州 API 平台,这是首个在全州范围内最能反映基层问题和关注对API日常生活所影响的平台。 我们希望宾州 API 平台能向政治候选人、媒体和世界展示我们一直所知道的事情:我们是个充满活力和多元化的社区而且知道有助于保持我们社区健康和繁荣的解决方案。 让我们来听听他们的意见。 要了解更多信息,请访问 [插入链接] www.apiplatform4pa.org

#APIPlatformForPA #AAPIs #API #Asian #AsianAmerican #PacificIslander #PA #Pennsylvania
#宾州亚裔美国人和太平洋岛民平台 #宾州API平台 #亚裔美国人和太平洋岛民 #亚裔 #亚裔美国人 #太平洋岛民 #宾州 #宾夕法尼亚州
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No stadium, no casino and no arena!

Wei Chen, Asian Americans United’s Civic Engagement Director said, “We ask our city government to stand with us on this matter. This is not the first time that big developers proposed to build something without our input: the baseball stadium, the casino, to name a few. We have defeated each one of them. We are ready to fight to protect our community.”

Read our full statement here.
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4 months ago

Asian Americans United

AAU is looking for sponsors for our 27th annual Mid-Autumn Festival! Email maf@aaunited.org to learn more about our different sponsorship packages #philly #midautumnfestival #phillymaf2022 #supportyourcommunity ... See MoreSee Less

We’re bringing back our beloved Mid-Autumn Festival in-person this year!

Save the date for Saturday, September 17th 🥳 Make sure to keep following us for more details to come!

#phillymaf2022 #phillymaf #philly #midautumnfestival
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Past Saturday AAU staffs and friends have pleasure to join Asian Pacific Islander American Vote (APIAVote), Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA) and Asian Americans Advancing Justice - AAJC for #UnityMarch2022 in Washington DC ... See MoreSee Less

To close out AAPI Heritage Month this year, we asked our staff to share some of the AAPI organizers that inspire them! ... See MoreSee Less

The AAPOP podcast is now live on Spotify and Anchor! Listen straight from your Spotify app or visit the Anchor webpage linked above. Woohooooo! ... See MoreSee Less

Links will be available at 11 AM tomorrow! ... See MoreSee Less

Timeline photosWei Chen is the Civic Engagement Director at Asian Americans United and a transformative leader for immigrant youth and communities who fought to establish safe schools free of bias for all students as a right. ... See MoreSee Less

Historic First as Voting Materials in Philadelphia Are Offered in Chinese
NBC10’s Karen Hua reports on a first as voting materials in Philadelphia are offered in Chinese. Nonprofits like Asian Americans United have worked for years to help people who speak Chinese vote. The group hopes even more people of Asian descent will now go out and vote.
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May 17th is Philadelphia Primary!
Remember come out to vote!
The polling place will open 7am-8pm
Here you can find your polling place :
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